"Remember... Sometimes... In life... We have a choice to be Happy or unhappy, and Happy's Better."         

                                                  - excerpted from "Happy's Better", short story by Andrew Castleberg, Jr.

Writer, Director

Actor, Producer

"Happy's Better"

Devin is a Producer, Writer, Actor, Director, Lecturer, Voice Over Expert and Media Consultant in Los Angeles, CA.

Information. Education. Entertainment.


Trusted to deliver the message, Devin's voice has been featured across every medium of American media.

From Coast to Coast, Radio to Television, Film to Stage to New Media and bridging the gaps between, Devin's experience is a broad stroke of the entertainment spectrum, and his focus is on the generous distribution of information, education and entertainment.

Whether entertainment, marketing, advertising or a creative blend of media content, Devin crafts and executes messaging for elite brands and influencers of American media. His voice is one you've heard before, and you'll hear it again, soon... perhaps speaking for you?